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Welcome to my website - I hope you enjoy your visit.


I have two new paintings in an exhibition of artists views on the Dandelion at Forum Botanische Kunst in Germany from 12th April to 29th June including the image on the right. I wrote about how I decided what to paint on my Facebook page.


From May 1st two of my paintings will be part of "The Magnified Eye II: Contemporary Botanical Portraiture" an exhibition at the Diane Birdsall Gallery in Connecticut, America. Susan Frei Nathan is giving a lecture about contemporary botanical art on June 5th and the exhibition will run until June 15th. Now extended to July 12th! More information here.


Now on at the Hunt Institute, Pittsburgh, is an exhibition comparing historical botanical art with contemporary paintings. It includes my painting of a passion flower (below right). 'Duets' will run until June 30th.

ArtPlantae have a description of the exhibition here.


I will be giving a Masterclass at The Chelsea School of Botanical Art, London in June: Reality, drama, and the need for wall appeal.



Regal, black watercolour with gold leaf, 2014. Image size 28 by 16cm

If you are looking for a painting course on botanical art then Fiona Kane has made a directory of those available in the UK here. The links tab has further information, including web-based courses.


I've added a page on all the botanical art exhibitions I can find mentioned on the internet in the UK (see sidebar: 2014 Art Calendar) - if you are aware of any more then do let me know and I'll put the details up.


I'm now on Facebook here posting about botanical art and on Twitter as @botanicalmartin chatting about plants.

Do say hello.....

Passion Flower. Watercolour on paper, 2006. Image size 37 x 19 cm