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Welcome to my website - I hope you enjoy your visit.


I currently have a couple of paintings on show in Poland at the Manggha Museum of Japan as part of the show "Exploring Botany". The exhibition shows contemporary European and Japanese botanical art alongside historical works and explores the similarities and contrasts.

There is also an exhibit of Maria Sibylla Merian images. Please visit safely if you are able to travel to the Museum. 

You may be interested to learn about a new group of Botanical Artists - the Association of British Botanical Artists who are forming a supportive group for aspiring botanical artists with a love of our native flora. There are blogs and electronic exhibitions of members' work on the website - all interesting things to delve into which will hopefully increase as time goes by. I'm delighted to be a trustee of the charity.

I'm currently writing about Ancient Grassland and its conservation in England here and so painting is on a bit of a temporary hold.


I work with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust on our local native plants here in the UK. You can see some of our work at the Cleveland Coast Wildflowers website here and recent project Woodland Diaries here.

There is an excellent catalogue for the exhibition - here showing my watercolour painting of an enlarged Saw-wort flower

Martin Allen's work has been selected for inclusion in the Transylvania Florilegium presently being created under the umbrella of The Prince of Wales's Foundation Romania to record in a permanent way the flora of Transylvania.



I'm now on Facebook here posting about botanical art very occasionally and on Twitter as @botanicalmartin chatting about plants quite regularly.

Do say hello.....