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Welcome to my website - I hope you enjoy your visit.


A fascinating programme about the botanical artist Rory McEwen 'In Search of Rory McEwen'  is available to watch online until Sunday 15th March for people in the UK. Jessica Shepherd is great talking about botanical art on it and she writes about the experience on her blog.

BBC Arts has an interesting page on him here with videos and pictures, and my page of links to all things Rory McEwen is here. I've put a revised version of a review I wrote about the exhibition at Kew Gardens in 2013 here.


I'm busy working on some new paintings to be exhibited at  Forum Botanische Kunst in Germany. The exhibition is called 'Different - Identical' and runs from 28th March to 10th May. It will be a joint exhibition with herman de vries and Sylvia Peter.


The RHS Botanical Art show in London will be on 27-28 February .


Plum on Kelmscott vellum.

My painting 'Horse Chestnut' from the Shirley Sherwood Collection will be exhibited as part of the 'The Joy of Spring' exhibition that runs from 21st February to 9th August at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery in Kew Gardens.


A new book of botanical art celebrating 20 years of the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society 'Botanical Illustration from Chelsea Physic Garden' will be published this summer with an exhibition at the gardens during August. My painting of Allium subhirsutum is included.


I've added a page on all the botanical art exhibitions I can find mentioned on the internet in the UK (see sidebar: 2015 Art Calendar) - if you are aware of any more then do let me know and I'll put the details up.


I'm now on Facebook here posting about botanical art and on Twitter as @botanicalmartin chatting about plants.

Do say hello.....